South Asian Box Turtle (Cuora amboinensis)

Interesting :

It is quite small turtle with black or brown tortoiseshell. It has white-yellow lower tortoiseshell, white skin but grey legs, black top head, yellow line along its nose until neck trough eyes and upper lip. Moreover, its lower lip, neck, eyes and ears are bright yellow and tortoiseshell with 2 parts which can be opened both sides. Importantly, this kind of turtle is capable to keep its head, tail and legs within tortoiseshell completely.

Habitat :

t has been found in India, Indochina, Malaysia Philippine and Thailand, especially in Northern, Central and Southern part.

Food :

It likes to eat vegetable, fruit, fish, shell, crab and shrimp.

Behavior :

It prefers to live in creek, downstream and canal, mostly on land and hide in hump of grass. Additionally.

Current Status :


Reproductive :

it breed in water but lay on land about 2-3 eggs many times a year.

Point of view :

Update : 11 April 2017